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Donations, Raffles & Fundraising

USG Organizations are not allowed to receive donations in the form of money. Organizations are allowed to receive non-monetary goods or services such as food donations.

USG Organizations are not allowed to collect, receive or hold any money or goods on behalf of any charitable organization. USG Organizations are allowed to hold an event where a charity is present, but the charity is responsible for collecting the donations.

Fundraising and raffles may not be conducted by USG Organizations. Fundraising is considered sales of any sort (bake sales, candy sales, etc.) and any collection of money that is not regulated event admission. Raffles where a ticket is being sold for a drawing for a prize are not permitted. USG is bound by the regulations for SUNY student governments funded by activity fees and is not allowed to do fundraising of any sort whether it is for the organization itself or a charity. We do not condone fundraising by any of our organizations funded or non-funded. If an organization is found to be fundraising you may lose your funding and/or recognition as a USG Organization.

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