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Gas & Tolls Reimbursement

Organization members may be reimbursed for gas and tolls if attending a conference or authorized organization filed trip. In order to receive this reimbursement, your organization treasurer must make sure that there are enough funds in your budget to cover these expenditures. Then, prior to the trip, your organization treasurer must fill out a Reimbursement Form and submit it to the USG Business Office. The form must be approved by the USG Treasurer prior to your trip. You will receive a copy of the approved form in your organization mailbox.

In order for members to receive their reimbursement for gas and tolls they must keep all their receipts for gas and tolls from the trip. The organization treasurer collects all of the receipts and fills out a requisition attaching the receipts and approved reimbursement form. The treasurer will then continue to follow the rest of the USG Fiscal Procedures for a check to be processed for reimbursement.

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