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General Information

Prizes & Gifts
Only undergraduate, activity fee-paying students are eligible to receive any prizes or gifts purchased with USG funds. Also USG officers (executive branch, senators, and judicial council) and employees of USG are not eligible for prizes unless the prize is exclusive to the group.

In addition a Prizes & Gifts Form [PDF] must be filed with the Business Office after the items are distributed.

Postage is available through the USG Administrative Assistant (Union 402) and will be charged to the organization’s budget only if you have a postage line in your budget.

In order to have a telephone for your organization you must have an office space on campus and a telephone line in your budget. If your organization has an office, but does not have funding for a phone you must wait until the next fiscal year to apply for funding. Telephone budget lines cannot be created once your organization’s budget has been approved for the year.

All long distance phone calls must be made in the USG Copy Center in the Student Union 403. Organization office phones are for local calls only. Over-expenditures of a telephone line will be taken out of existing budget lines at the discretion of the Budget Committee.

Bank Accounts
Under the rules of the State University Board of Trustees, no funded organization may use student funds to make a profit. Furthermore, no funded organization may invest in securities, or maintain a separate banking or checking account outside of the campus.

Inspection of Books and Inventories
The financial records of any organization shall be available for inspection by its members at the regular meetings of the organization. The funded organization’s records are subject to inspection and audit by the USG Treasurer, the Senate, the USG Business Manager and the Budget Committee. The Executive Board, the Budget Committee or the Business Office may inspect inventories of all USG organizations at any time.

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