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Information is provided here for students who are officers and members of USG member organizations to make navigating the process of holding events and activities easier and managing their budgets as efficient as possible.

The elected and appointed USG Officers are tasked with assisting students in recognized member organizations. Depending on your needs, here are some quick tips on who to contact:

  • The USG Treasurer is responsible for the USG budget and for training the treasurers of member organizations.
  • The AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations is responsible for keeping track of member groups and their activities. The AVP schedules and runs the mandatory Organization Representatives Meetings and reaches out to groups that appear to be struggling.
  • The Rules and Regulations Chair overlooks the periodic re-recognition of member organizations and is the first person students with a new student club should contact concerning possible recognition by USG.
  • The Judicial Council is responsible for hearing grievances between individuals and organizations within USG and the member groups.

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