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How to Buy Goods & Services

If you are a treasurer or officer in a USG member organization most of your dealing with USG will involve Requisitions and Purchase Orders. The slide show below is a quick explanation of how the system works.

Note: Anyone in a USG Organization can do steps 1 through 3. The group’s Treasurer is the ONLY person who can complete step 4, and the Treasurer is held responsible for steps 5 and 6.

Requistions & POs
Get a Price
Complete a Requisition
Turn in the Requisition
Sign the PO
Pick Up the PO
Make the Purchase

USG is tax-exempt in New York State - if your organization is purchasing locally or ordering a product or service from within New York State your organization would be eligible to have the tax waived on the purchase. All you have to do is request a tax-exempt form from the USG Business Office and inform your vendor of our tax-exempt status and fax them a copy of the form. Some vendors will ask you to mail it with your payment. In this case make sure when filling out your requisition that you write “Please send Tax Exempt Form,” this lets the USG Business Office staff know to send the form with your payment.

USG Vendors List
USG maintains a list of vendors for many of the items and services that student groups typically purchase. The businesses on the list are ones that USG has worked with in the past. You are not required to use these vendors but consulting the list could make it easier for you to find what you need with minimum fuss over purchase orders.

Here is a PDF of the list to download or view: USG Vendors List PDF

Items with Imprints
Make sure when you are ordering a product and having your logo or text printed on it to request a proof. Requesting a proof is important because it gives you a chance to see how it will look, to spell check all words and to approve the design. When your product has been received by the USG Office we will notify your organization by placing a note in your mailbox to come pick up the boxes. Once you have received your order make sure to bring the packing slips from your delivery to the USG Business Office.

If you are purchasing a service such as a DJ or performer you will need a contract. If the vendor does not have a contract that they use you can get a USG Simple Contract from the Business Office or download a PDF of the Simple Contract.

Vehicle Rental and Group Travel
If your group plans to travel off campus or rent a car or bus, see the sections on this site concerning those topics. In particular pay attention to the USG Travel Policy which is required for any group-sponsored excursions off campus.

Get a Receipt!
USG is required by our auditors to have original receipts on file. Receipts must be turned in the following business day after the purchase. When purchasing prizes to give away at an event, remember your organization treasurer must fill out a USG Prize & Gifts Form. This form must be completely filled out at your event and turned in to the USG Business Office.



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