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Travel Using USG Funds

Travel Policy

When an organization is traveling using their USG budget they must submit and abide by the USG Travel Policy Form. This policy will ensure that the students are representing the college and USG in the correct manner. In addition, it gives USG the proper information about who is on the trip.

Travel in New York State
If your organization is planning to travel to a conference within New York State you must:

  • Create an Event on at least one month in advance.
  • You will need to complete a USG Travel Policy Form which must be filled out by every member of the organization who is going to the conference. The form can be picked up in the USG Business Office or you can download a PDF.

Travel Out-of-State
If your organization wants to attend a conference outside of New York State you must follow all of the steps for in-state travel with this added requirement:

  • Your organization’s advisor MUST also attend the out of state conference with your organization. The USG Business Office must receive a letter from your advisor confirming that they will be traveling with the students and attending the conference. The letter is submitted to the USG Business Office along with the USG Travel Policy Form.

Travel Abroad
Since the USG insurance policy covers only the continental United States, USG funds cannot be used for travel outside of the United States under any circumstances.


Many organizations, particularly academic clubs and groups associated with an educational discipline, plan to attend educational conferences. Organizations that have conference and/or travel lines in their budgets can use them to pay for:
    •    Conference Registrations
    •    Hotel Accommodations
    •    Car/Bus Rentals
    •    Mileage Reimbursements
    •    Per Diem Reimbursements (a daily allowance for travel expenses)

USG does NOT pay for airline tickets.

In order to register for a conference each organization member attending must fill out the conference registration form. This form is provided by the conference, usually on their website. It will ask for contact information and will also show the registration fees and the payment methods. Do not have members submit this registration form online because we need the forms to process a check for your group’s registration. Once the organization’s treasurer has received each member’s registration form then they can start the Requisition/Purchase Order process.


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