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Organization Treasurer's Role

Important to know: The treasurer of a USG organization is the ONLY person who can sign purchase orders and contracts for that organization. The treasurer MUST be registered with the USG Business Office before he or she will be allowed to perform these functions.

The treasurer of a funded organization is responsible for keeping records showing the accurate financial position of the organization.

The treasurer is an elected executive board member of each organization. Only one student can assume the role of treasurer in an organization and have the authority to sign paper work.

No student may be the treasurer of more than one USG funded organization. (No student may hold any executive board position [president, vice-president, treasurer or vice-treasurer] in more than one USG recognized organization.)

Funded USG organization treasurers are obligated to attend all meetings scheduled by the Treasurer and Officers of USG. These meetings are communicated well in advance through the organization mailboxes and announcements on the USG website and Bengal Connect.

Treasurer's Guide
As an elected Treasurer of a USG organization you will be trained in USG financial procedures by the USG Treasurer. At that time you will be given documents and tools you will use to fulfill your duties. The information in the RESOURCES section of this website is here to reinforce and augment your training and make the information available to others in your organization.

You should be familiar with all of the information in the "How to Buy Goods and Services" and "Business Forms" sections. You and the officers of your club can use the other sections to plan events, advertise your group's activities, and arrange travel for members of your organization on field trips or to conferences.

The USG Treasurer and the USG Business Office Staff are available to answer any questions you may have.

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