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Of course we consider all activity fee paying undergraduate students at SUNY Buffalo State to be part of USG. Further, we feel that any student active in one of the USG recognized student organizations is also active in USG.

But what if you want to become directly involved in the student government?

USG has seven elected and four appointed executive board members and up to 40 senators. The customary way to get into most of those positions is through election by the student body. Requirements for and duties of the positions can be found in the USG Constitution.

ELECTION Every spring semester applications to run for office open in February and elections are held in late March/early April. Students elected to office serve a term of one year beginning the subsequent June 1. Some of the executive positions are filled by appointing students from the senate once the elected executive board is in place.

APPOINTMENT During the year vacancies on the Senate are filled by appointed senators. Any student who wants to become an appointed senator should submit an online application found in the Forms section of the United Students Government page on the Bengal Connect web site [link below].

JUDICIAL COUNCIL A separate part of the student government is the Judicial Council. New justices are interviewed and chosen by sitting justices and then appointed by the senate on the recommendation of the executive board. The qualifications and duties of justices are listed in the USG Constitution. Once appointed, justices serve as long as they are undergraduate students at Buffalo State or until they resign. Any student who wants to become a justice should submit an online application found in the Forms section of the USG Judicial Council page on the Bengal Connect web site [link below].

If you have a new student club on campus and would like to explore becoming afilliated with USG, please read the information on BECOMING A USG ORGANIZATION in the Resources section of this website.


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