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Advertising & USG Press Services

Effective advertising should be part of the initial planning for any public activity your group sponsors. The nature of the event or activity will suggest an audience and you should consider how best to reach that audience and interest them in what you're planning.

There are various media available to students at Buffalo State: The Record online newspaper, WBNY radio, BSC-TV, the USG Media Sign in the Plaza, not to mention the social media platforms your group may use. Once your event is approved on Bengal Connect it will automatically appear on the Bengal Connect events calendar and be accessible through the Corq mobile app; you can also submit it to the Buffalo State website for the college online calendar. You can also submit your event to the Buffalo State website so that it appears on the calendar there.

All of this publicity should begin at least two weeks before the event date but only after your event has been submitted and approved on Bengal Connect.

Surveys have shown that posters and flyers distributed around campus - particularly in the student union - are an excellent way to publicize events. For that, USG Press Services can help. Posters, flyers, and handbills can be designed and/or printed in the Press Services Office without additional charge to recognized USG organizations. If you have questions about submitting your own art to Press Services for printing stop in first to find out what is going to work best - we want your stuff to look good and work well.

When putting together a flyer or press release remember that you not only want to attract the attention of your potential audience but you want to answer their questions...

  • "What is it, when is it, where is it, and who is doing it?"
  • “What makes this activity notable and worth my time (and money) and support?”
  • “Do I have the answers to all my questions and if not do I know where to get those answers?”

If you are charging admission to the event you will have to sell advance tickets through the Rockwell Hall Box Office. Make sure that complete ticket information is included on all printed material for your event.

Finally remember two things:

  • Nothing will be printed or should be distributed until your event has been submitted and approved on Bengal Connect
  • Everything should state that your group is funded by USG through the mandatory student activity fee.

USG PRESS SERVICES - Campbell Student Union 404; 878-6701, ext. 23;

Hours: 9AM to 4:30PM, Monday to Friday (Closed during the summer)

For more information on what is offered by USG Press Services see the Press Services page on


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